Monday, June 20, 2011

My Big Fat Nova Caledonian War Party or what did You Do In The 45 Daddy?

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, the had just beat the Georgian adventurers at Whist.
As it was winner take all, the Nova Caledonians found themselves in possession of two ships and enough arms for 2000 men. Even better, the navigators were Scottish!
Having heard that the Bonnie Prince had raised his colours in an attempt to restore his throne, it was decided then and there to send a force in aid.
Angus McCritter was now chieftain as Rory McBan was getting long in the tooth, and he had lost the coin toss, approved of the expedition, and appointed Henry McCritter and Rodrick McBan leaders of the forces.
With the two ships and a 1000 men, they set sail to the north, how far away could the Mediterranean be they think? Of course The Suez Canal hadn't been cut yet. After a very rough portage overland they discover Lake Kylie. Not getting this recorded at the land office, the lake will later be named after some English Queen or other, totally obscuring our brave Nova Caledonian's feats of daring-do. Once again they make a portage, this time of some waterfalls, and sail down the river and find themselves in Egypt.
Once in the Med, they make good time and hit Gibraltar in a week.. Ten days later they make landfall on the Isle of Skye.


  1. They wish, must have arm muscles like Schwarznegger.

  2. You try portage on a couple of three masters, and you'll get muscular too. After they hit the Med they just set sail, and took a right at Cadiz, breezed through the Manx round-about, and quicker than you can say."Bob's your uncle!" they were at Skye.