Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy San Jacinto Day to Texas!

Greetings from the Bonglesian Embassy in Nova Caladonia de Coahuila y Tejas.
It's been a very exciting day here, what with all the fireworks and reenactments. The Barbeque was awesome, and of course we all ate too much.

Sorry about the delay on the Nova Caledonian Histories. Seems they weren't recorded in English or Scottish or Latin. Seems they were written in Pig Scottish in a mirror evidently. Seems somebody had a Leonardo fetish.
Now that we've figured that out, we'll soon be able to find out what happened when they landed at Skye.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Big Fat Nova Caledonian War Party or what did You Do In The 45 Daddy? (Part 1a)

"Wait a minute!"  I here out there. "What about the 15?
Yes indeed what about the 15...
It seems they never got the message about the rising up. The bicycle messenger delivering the telegram, got lost in a small country called Ifat, and never found his way to Nova Caledonia. Legend say he ended his days as a harem guard, and we know what that entails...
What makes this story truly tragic though, is that neither bicycles or telegrams had been invented yet.
So 1715 passed pretty much peacefully.
Now back to our heroes.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Big Fat Nova Caledonian War Party or what did You Do In The 45 Daddy?

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, the had just beat the Georgian adventurers at Whist.
As it was winner take all, the Nova Caledonians found themselves in possession of two ships and enough arms for 2000 men. Even better, the navigators were Scottish!
Having heard that the Bonnie Prince had raised his colours in an attempt to restore his throne, it was decided then and there to send a force in aid.
Angus McCritter was now chieftain as Rory McBan was getting long in the tooth, and he had lost the coin toss, approved of the expedition, and appointed Henry McCritter and Rodrick McBan leaders of the forces.
With the two ships and a 1000 men, they set sail to the north, how far away could the Mediterranean be they think? Of course The Suez Canal hadn't been cut yet. After a very rough portage overland they discover Lake Kylie. Not getting this recorded at the land office, the lake will later be named after some English Queen or other, totally obscuring our brave Nova Caledonian's feats of daring-do. Once again they make a portage, this time of some waterfalls, and sail down the river and find themselves in Egypt.
Once in the Med, they make good time and hit Gibraltar in a week.. Ten days later they make landfall on the Isle of Skye.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nova Caledonia the Beginning, Part 2.

So we find our intrepid adventurers settling to their new home on the East Coast of Africa. They get along swimmingly with the locals, who are astounded to meet somebody dressed weirder than they are, and our heroes wonder how they are going to survive this sunny clime.
With the loss of their monarch, Rory McBan is chosen as the first Leader.(Evidently he lost the coin toss.) But a chair is reserved for His Absent Majesty, should he ever return.
The natives are happy to trade Natty dressing tips for more modern farming techniques, and the Scots trade Bag Pipe lessons for some really neat woven sun hats. (Think of a Tam with a palm frond brim.) Thank goodness the natives took to the Bag Pipes.  They discovered that it drove their Northern Neighbors nuts.
Not much happens again till 1744 when a bunch of lost English Georgites wander in and try to start a fight about Nova Caledonia's Jacobite Loyalties.After soundly thrashing the interlopers in a rousing game of Whist, our intrepid adventurers decide to mount an expedition to the Auld Sod, to help His Absentness to reclaim his Birthright.

More on this act of lunacy as I make it up... I mean decipher the records!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nova Caledonia the Beginning.

Round about 1690, and unhappy with a Protestant and Dutch monarch, Angus McCritter and his brother in law Rory McBan decide to uproot their clans and move on.
Coming down from the Highlands with about 700 family and followers they make their way to Edinburgh, they take ship to France. After working odd jobs and such they had saved enough to purchase a ship, Unfortunately they didn't make enough to hire a navigator. Setting out from Brest, sailing towards the new world(so they thought) they pretty much headed South. After about a month, they realized their mistake, they turned North.
little did they realize that they had passed the Cape of Good Hope and were now on the East Coast of Africa.
Realizing they were hopelessly lost, they put into the first port they came to, what is now modern day Port Tuziak in what is today Bongolesia. Deciding that to attempt the New World was a little offputting, they sailed south a bit, and pulled ashore to form their colony Nova Caledonia.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Calling for Ambassadors.

The announcement is now official, and Nova Caledonia is open for business.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to Nova Caledonia!

I took the plunge and started a blog. As if I don't already have too much to do. I will fill in background in a bit