Friday, May 20, 2011

Calling for Ambassadors.

The announcement is now official, and Nova Caledonia is open for business.


  1. Did Nova Caledonia already exist by the mid-18th C. (post-Culloden Jacobite exiles...)?

  2. Hope you'll develop the history of the origin and early centuries of Nova Caledonia.
    An intriguing, exciting project!
    Currently my dilemma is: do I add a 'Fict' [Imagi-Nation] *18th C.* OR 20th C. (as for Bongolesia) link on my bog? Or both, if you 'label' your posts by 'historical period'?

  3. A tiny statelet of the 18th C., Monte-Cristo lacks the funds to maintain formal ambassadors; besides, for our security we prefer to be largely ignored, or vaguely known as 'that odd Italian free harbor somewhere between Ventimiglia and Genoa'.

    Than, like Jesuits (but with quite different agendas) Monte-Cristan adventurers are everywhere. Specially relevant is Robert de Nard who for decades is training with his 'Uglies' / 'Awfuls' mercenaries G.P. (Gardes Palatines) for the local potentates all around Africa and in the Indian Ocean.

    Besides, you may be interested to know that the Free Province of Ballyfoole (a member of the Soweiter League) sent an expedition to Subsaharian Africa. Hopefully, other members of the 'Emperor vs Elector' League of Lace Wars Imagi-Nations (ready to welcome 18th C. Nova Caledonia) with an interest in Colonial Warfare will follow.