Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nova Caledonia the Beginning.

Round about 1690, and unhappy with a Protestant and Dutch monarch, Angus McCritter and his brother in law Rory McBan decide to uproot their clans and move on.
Coming down from the Highlands with about 700 family and followers they make their way to Edinburgh, they take ship to France. After working odd jobs and such they had saved enough to purchase a ship, Unfortunately they didn't make enough to hire a navigator. Setting out from Brest, sailing towards the new world(so they thought) they pretty much headed South. After about a month, they realized their mistake, they turned North.
little did they realize that they had passed the Cape of Good Hope and were now on the East Coast of Africa.
Realizing they were hopelessly lost, they put into the first port they came to, what is now modern day Port Tuziak in what is today Bongolesia. Deciding that to attempt the New World was a little offputting, they sailed south a bit, and pulled ashore to form their colony Nova Caledonia.


  1. An excellent, tongue-in-cheek debut!

  2. As is well known, every new Colony throughout the World was started by a Scotsman

  3. McCritter & McBan...sounds like a firm of solicitors :-D

  4. For assimilated French (traditional ally of the Jacobites) try'McOuille'. :)


  5. I believe every word of it, but then I have a Welsh family name
    that became more Cherokee than white over the years until
    my Grandfather's marriage, anything is possible...)